Global item pickup sound

One last thing to edit: I want everyone on the map to hear the sound of the mega health when it gets collected, so that they are alarmed when someone runs around with 200 health. Furthermore the player who picks up the mega health needs to be rewarded that he could activate two buttons, while being under heavy fire at the same time.

Add two target_speakers above the mega health down in the cave behind the doors. Then, add, to one of the speakers, the mega health collecting sound, which you can find in the pak0.pk3 under "sound/items". Furthermore tick the global box:

(Image mega speaker global)

Select the other target_speaker and add a voice sound which you can find in "sound/feedback". Also tick the activator box so only the one who's collecting the item gets the feedback.

(Image mega speaker activator)

Now, first select the mega health then one of the speakers and connect them. Do the same for the second speaker.

Important: target_speaker sounds NEED to be mono, 22050 khz, 16 bit wav files.

Written by Bliccer