Export an ASE-Model with 3ds Max

  1. Create a simple box.

    (Image export0)
  2. Open the "Material Editor".

    (Image export1)

    Choose an empty material slot. Rename it to your desired texture e.g. "textures/base_wall/metalfloor_wall_14".
    Drag the material onto the box, and turn on "Show Map in Viewport".
    Load a checker map into the Diffuse channel (this step is just for view purpose in 3dmax).

    Note: You could also use a bitmap "textures/base_wall/metalfloor_wall_14".

    (Image export2)
  3. Add a UVW map, change it to box mapping, and tiling 5x5.

    (Image export3)
  4. Click menu File -> Export.
    Choose ase format and save it into the models folder. (it won't load otherwise in radiant if you try from somewhere else)
    Use the settings in the screenshot.

    (Image export4)

You're done.

Written by Shio