Installing Defrag entities

To be able to use Defrag entities you need to set a modification folder.

Activate the menu File -> "Project settings", select "Custom Quake III modification" and enter the folder name "defrag" for fs_game.

(Image project settings)

This will load the Quake III Arena/defrag/scripts/defrag.def file if you have the modification installed.

The 2D-View right-click menu will look like this:

(Image project settings)

The names target_checkpoint, target_startTimer and target_stopTimer are Defrag entities.

Gtkradiant 1.5 and NetRadiant users:

Place the defrag.ent (not up to date see \defrag\scripts\defrag.def) file into your radiant/ folder.

For example:

  • C:\Program Files\GtkRadiant 1.5.0\\defrag\defrag.ent
  • C:\Program Files\NetRadiant\\defrag\defrag.ent
Written by Pan-(G)